PUBG Latest Update Adds a Sticky C4 Grenade and to Escape Exploding Vehicles


PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the most popular battle royale game on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

The game also enjoys a massive fan base on PUBG Mobile with millions of gamers playing this competitive survival shooter on their smartphones. In the recent PUBG 7.3 update which is available from today, June 10th, the developers have brought in some exciting new features.

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The game now allows players to actually escape from a moving vehicle if they find that it is about to explode. The split-second reaction is possible on computers and consoles while it is a bit difficult to be extremely responsive on smartphones. However, we hope this particular update will be made available on all platforms so that players could enjoy more time spent on the map rather than having to die because of a quick grenade or rocket launcher.

Escaping Burning Vehicles

According to the developer notes, the team allows players approximately five seconds after the vehicle catches fire. They are supposed to jump out immediately so as to survive and maybe patch up with a bandage for the missing health. If you happen to be in the red zone, the missiles will instantly blow up the jeep or car. Similarly, the newly introduced sticky C4 grenade is extremely powerful and will not give you those precious moments to escape.

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The ability to bring down a vehicle has also drastically changed because you can now shoot the tire, the body or in specific spots based on which damage will be considered. There is no way to instantly kill everyone on board as it used to happen in the past. Vehicle balance is part of the big update and a detailed image has been released online by the developers to give players a better idea.

C4 is Your Powerful Grenade Now

The most powerful grenade, C4 will stick to the surface if you throw it and will detonate in 16 seconds. It gives players enough window to hold it in hand and throw it at the last moment to secure some easy kills. The damage radius has been fixed at 25 meters and you can’t just throw it too far.

Similarly, the parachute follow feature with some minor changes allows PUBG players to stick to one another while dropping into a particular zone. It makes it possible to enjoy a strategic gaming experience than having to just gun down everything that moves.

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