GTA 6 Wishlist Could Include More Mysteries, Possibly Live Ones

GTA 6 Gameplay

One of the unique features of the Grand Theft Auto game franchise is the mysterious situation that you encounter in the game every now and then.

As the expectation levels for the release of GTA 6 keep rising, you have the expert players and fans throwing up many suggestions. These are being expressed as what the fans would love to see in the gameplay in GTA 6. It is hoped that the developers at Rockstar will be clued in on these and start working. So, the next big thing players wish to see in GTA 6 is mystery and more mystery. There is a suggestion that there could be even live mysteries added by the developers.

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Mysteries Keep the Gamers Interested

The benefit of add these mysteries like the Chiliad Mystery, UFOs, Easter Egg, etc. evokes enormous interest among those playing the game. They first break their heads trying to solve them and keep exchanging their experiences in platforms like Reddit. All these have ensured the GTA 5 game is still popular after 7 years of its original release and the game is still being sold and bought. Obviously, the fans want more to be included in GTA 6 to make it a better version than GTA 5.

GTA 6 Mystery

Live Mysteries to Add More Excitement

Some of those commenting on this new push for more mysteries in GTA 6 refer to the recent reports that Rockstar plans to release games in smaller pack sizes. Content will then be added in the form of DLCs. Now, the idea being mooted is why not stretch this to have dynamic mystery situations or live mysteries that can change constantly. This is just a suggestion at this juncture and the fans would want the game development team at Rockstar to use their own creative insights to make it happen.

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The suggestion is to have the M. Chiliad Mystery itself be made a live one. This will mean that you could be playing today and have solved the mystery but when you come back to play again, you find that the mystery has changed. This would offer another round of interest among the players in trying to solve them.

Since, in any case, the game may first be released and more content added later, there is really no hurry to do any of these. The mysteries can be worked on gradually and included in phases.

Over to Rockstar and the GTA 6 development team.

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