Call of Duty Warzone 2 Clip Offers a Glimpse of Gas Escape

Call of Duty warzone

Recently, a Call of Duty: Warzone 2 player exhibited their courage and presence of mind by successfully escaping a gas cloud and getting back to a safe zone.

The player managed to escape in the nick of time and used some innovative methods to keep themselves alive.

In the Call of Duty battle royale, one witnessed a gas cloud expanding during the collapse of a safe zone circle. This led players to occupy a zone that was quite restricted as far as overall space was concerned. While players have access to gas masks in Warzone 2, these masks only enable players to fight off the gas only for a short period of time. To emerge as winners in the match, players are compelled to find a way out of the gas that engulfs them and find a space for themselves in the safe zone. While many players fail to rise to the challenge, there are some who succeed.

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On the Warzone 2 subreddit, one can see a clip where a player called TomahawkKevin displays some great skills and dexterity while finding an escape route. The player starts from a particular point which happens to be the edge of the safe zone that is on the verge of a collapse. As they step into the gas cloud, they wear their mask to protect themselves from the effects of the gas.

I had a near death experience after getting caught in the gas! from CODWarzone

TomahawkKevin, after sprinting across the hallways, manages to reach a rooftop helicopter pad and then, gets inside the heavy chopper. When they make their way into the green-tinged sky, the gas mask disappears. While getting inside the safe zone, we also get to see how powerful the helicopters are in Warzone 2.

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A sense of tension runs throughout the video and that, perhaps, is also its USP. The way TomahawkKevin manages to find an escape route and brave the challenges they face, makes one realize they have a solid understanding of the mechanics of the game. The clip makes for a great watch and it also instills a sense of respect for the player who displayed a great amount of strength and courage through this process.

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