Counter Strike 2 New Maps and Classic Overhaul Trailer Revealed, Releasing in 2023

Counter Strike 2

Confirming rumors, Counter Strike 2 new maps, classic maps overhaul and recreating the game in brand new Source engine was all revealed in a delightful surprise.

For long time gamers and multiplayer competitive shooter patrons, Counter Strike Global Offensive provided the platform for many years to come.

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Valve has always been at the forefront of keeping their work under wraps. There were hardly any leaks in many years until last week when Counter Strike 2 came to the forefront. Before it further reached the audience, an official announcement was made by the developers. As expected, things are going to be very different, yet the team has made sure all classic maps like de_dust and many others are retained in all their classic glory. They are also working on a series of new maps to further intensify the action and to bring in new players.

Recreating Classic Maps on the New Engine

Counter Strike 2 new maps are possibly in the backseat because long time fans will be focused on the originals including Aztec, dust, Italy in which intense competition takes place every round. After showcasing how the original maps looked, the developers showcased how they are working on it.

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Based on three elements, touchstone, upgrades and overhauls, the team is also working on entirely new maps built on the Source 2 engine. They feature enigmatic lighting setup, realistic reflection and even an all-new smoke which will be part of the gameplay effect.

When players fire bullets through smoke, it creates visual changes allowing you more vision to see the enemy on the other side.  An entire video has been dedicated just for smoke and the tick rate is also being improved which significantly changes the accuracy of the matches. More details on the game’s launch window, pricing and other maps is expected to be discussed about in the following weeks as it is gearing up for release so close rather than somewhere in the future.

Counter Strike 2 new maps, smoking effect and recreating the game from the ground up have all been revealed along with a release date as summer 2023.

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