WWE 2K23: Content Creator Shares NPCs and Undiscovered Models

WWE 2k23

A prominent WWE 2K23 content creator has stumbled upon a method to unlock hidden models and non-playable characters.

An individual who creates content for WWE 2K23 has done something very important. They have made it possible for players to use hidden models and non-playable characters in the game. Since it boasts a massive roster, one can put together a variety of match-ups now. The list of wrestling superstars and current legends is rather long. Owing to this diversity, players will get the opportunity to play the game in several different and interesting ways.

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DLCs have always been very important in all the WWE games that have been launched so far. This time, a DLC has made it possible for the current roster of superstars to be expanded. Recently, WWE 2K23 made an announcement about its DLC roster that features many big names including Bad News Barrett, Eve Torres, Bray Watt and the Steiners.

It is important to note here that Ruthless Aggression era versions of Batista, John Cena, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar are up for purchase as well. Looking at the line-up, one can say that most players will get the chance to try out the game with a superstar of their choice. A particular WWE content creator, however, has made it possible for one to use a greater number of characters in the game.

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A Twitter user, who goes by the handle WhatsTheStatus, has partnered with a bunch of content creators working on WWE 2K23 with the objective to unlock and upload a plethora of NPCs and hidden models. Apart from getting to see some iconic characters in their classic versions, one also comes across prominent announcers like Mike Rome and Michael Cole. One can go to Community Creations to download these characters.

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