Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield Bad Company Series to be Removed Next Month, EA Says

BF 1943 and Battlefield Bad Company

An era is coming to an end as Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield Bad Company series including BF 1&2 will no longer be accessible to the gaming community.

While it was to be expected as Electronic Arts is moving towards more lucrative, modern-day titles like Battlefield 2042, for hardcore retro lovers this could come as a surprise.

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In their official statement, the company confirmed that on 28th April they will discontinue these titles from their store. Players will no longer be able to purchase Battlefield Bad Company 1 or 2 which was one of the pioneering experiences that led to the massive success of the franchise. BF1943 will also be discontinued from being sold but it is not just because even if you manage to purchase it right now, online play will be further discontinued.

Removing the online multiplayer mode removes players from the opportunity to play with their friends even if the game can be purchased right now. In EA’s statement, the company opines that all these titles are old and available mostly on older generation consoles which makes them literally inaccessible to most gamers. Bad Company 2 was the only one released on PC and was known for its exciting single-player campaign.

Bidding Goodbye to a Classic

BF 1943 and Battlefield Bad Company series especially Bad Company 2 is known for the Vietnam-based war story it explored. There are seldom games that explore it except for some Call of Duty titles. But, as most know COD is more about action than storyline and character building (Modern Warfare doesn’t fall under this category) which made BC2 a fan favorite. As it is available on PC and single player campaign doesn’t require an online connection, most gamers would purchase it just to own it as a piece of antique memory from their childhood.

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Mirror’s Edge, a great VR-like title from the past will also be discontinued from the Electronic Arts virtual game store. However, it was later said to be an error but it won’t be long before we see classic games going off the shelves. Nintendo is closing down its 3DS and older game stores as well.

BF 1943 and Battlefield Bad Company series was originally launched on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles with the latter two games being popular one among players for years.

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