GTA 6: Old Leaked Screenshot Resurfaces Again; Fans Excited

gta 6

A GTA 6 screenshot, which got leaked last year, has come to the fore again and is getting fans excited about the game!

The GTA 6 leak, which emerged to the fore last year, is often described as one of the biggest leaks to have occurred in the gaming world in the last several years. If reports are to be believed, the video and images that one stumbled upon courtesy this leak belonged to an early build of the game. The fans, however, were very happy to see these images and videos and found them to be quite appealing.

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Now, a screenshot that appeared as a part of that leak, has come up again and is playing an important role in increasing the hype around GTA 6. Though this screenshot was leaked last year, many hadn’t noticed it. Now, a large number of fans are noticing it and that is why it is being discussed extensively. This particular screenshot is being shared on different online groups. Comments are pouring in large numbers and GTA fans, who are discovering it for the first time, seem to be very happy with it.

This looks so good man from GTA6

The screenshot shows a bunch of characters being present on a street at the night. The picture boasts strong aesthetic values. The lighting has caught the attention of the fans in a big way. The shadows in the image, too, have left an impression. Unlike some of the other leaked content GTA 6 that had emerged in the past, this screenshot has left a good impression.

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Those interested in going through the post should visit the Reddit page of GTA 6. Till now, the post has received close to 3k votes up and more than 500 comments. If this image is anything to go by, one can expect strong visuals in GTA 6.

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