Cyberpunk 2077 4K Ray Tracing Screenshots by Nvidia Will Amaze You

Cyberpunk 2077 4K Ray Tracing Screenshots

Nvidia has been really aggressive in 2020 with the pandemic situation and the launch of the new generation Xbox Series X, PS5 consoles.

Besides pricing their graphic cards at the right price point, they also unveiled new games with 4K Ray Tracing including Cyberpunk 2077.

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With the help of ray tracing that strongly changes the way a game looks and utilizes light reflection on a whole new level, many of the familiar game titles like Fortnite could look really good. In the past generation, RT was a difficult job to render. On a 2080 RTX graphics card, Minecraft or even Quake would really go down in performance whenever the new technology is switched on. A similar situation prevailed in games like Battlefield V and Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Exceptional Performance Assured

Nvidia officially launched their RTX 3000 series graphics card in a digital event during which they used Cyberpunk 2077 as one of the prime examples. The game is hugely demanding that it has already become the Crysis of the future. Despite the fact that it is yet to get officially launched, the title is being used to benchmark and to showcase all these new technologies including stuff like ray tracing, DLSS among many others. The concept of 4K gaming should also be much more feasible when the RTX 3080 launches at $700 and 3070 at $500, more in the affordable segment from a PC gamer’s perspective.

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Developed by CD Projekt Red, the demo confirmed that it will make great use of DLSS 2.0 with ambient occlusion, reflections and shadows. Made exclusively for Nvidia graphic card owners, all these features when put together will allow them to play games without any loss in frame rates. Ample RTX30 series cards could run all new games better including Cyberpunk 2077 which is scheduled for launch later this year.

After delaying the launch a few times, the developers have officially confirmed it will be out on the 19th of November. The game will support only DirectX 12 and will also focus a lot of environmental destruction, similar to how Battlefield works but will be much more realistic. The screenshots of the much-anticipated title on PC is presented here so you could decide whether it is time to upgrade that GPU or not. Considering the price point, it is slightly more affordable than the previous generation cards but with much better performance, according to Nvidia’s statistics.

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