Top 4 PUBG Mobile Alternatives For You in 2020

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PUBG Mobile may sound unfamiliar for the serious games on consoles and PC because PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continue to be unscathed of these effects.

Be it the government of the United States or India, banning Chinese apps and games are becoming more common. PUBG Mobile and Lite are the two games that have received a huge blow on the Android platform.

With millions of players in India and worldwide, PUBG Mobile is now officially banned in India and it won’t be surprising if other countries follow suit. According to their statistics, there were over 50 million players on this game who were actively involved in looting and enjoying the Battle Royale mode it had to offer. With its ban, it is time to look for some of the best alternatives where you could jump in with your friends and also have new players on board.

#1 Call of Duty Mobile

The most obvious choice could be Freefire because of its familiarity among PUBG players. However, we would like to start off the list with this one. It is much more sophisticated, offers excellent maps which are the same ones found on PC, Xbox and PS4. The game has a solid player base and has over 100 million downloads. The title offers everything from Battle Royale mode to deathmatch modes 5 versus 5 along with sniper maps, making it much more interesting and varied to keep playing. Besides, you can also join a huge list of global players on Call of Duty.

call of duty warzone

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#2 Garena Free Fire

Now the obvious choice comes into the primary focus because it is very similar to PUBG Mobile. However, it can end in just 10 minutes because of smaller maps, small 50-player modes and you will also have access to weapons, character customization and vehicle choices. The game is easier to load because it is just 500 MB in size and works on literally any Android phone you could get your hands on.

Garena Free Fire

#3 Battlelands Royale

It is time to go cartoonish because after all who has time for being serious always, even when gaming. Battlelands Royale introduces a series of fun characters and is even shorter because it just pits 32 players on the battleground. The game time is minuscule because it can end in 5 minutes or less. You can play 10 different games in a span of one hour and it is even smaller at just 200 MB, easier to run on most Android devices.

Battlelands Royale

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#4 Fortnite

Another big gun battle royale title, Fortnite is available to sideload on Android. A massive game that takes 8 GB of storage but if you have a Galaxy S20 or other flagship phones, this is probably the one you need to download and play because of its excellent graphics and amazing developer support.


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