Destiny 2: Nathan Fillion To Be Back in The Final Shape as Cayde-6

Destiny 2

The recent PlayStation showcase finally gave fans some idea about Destiny 2: The Final Shape!

The recent PlayStation showcase turned out to be quite special for gamers who had been eagerly looking forward to getting some information on a few games slated to release in the near future. While Bungie shared the first look of Marathon, an extraction shooter game that has been developed by the company, Destiny 2 fans were shown a trailer for a showcase that will begin on August 22.

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Though there is some time for the showcase to be unveiled, fans are quite excited about it. Among other things, the showcase will offer fans a closer look at The Final Shape, which happens to be the next expansion for the game. The teaser shocked the fans in a good way as it confirmed the return of Nathan Fillion as Cayde-6 with this expansion.

Bungie has referred to The Final Shape as the ‘epic conclusion’ to the incredible Light & Darkness Saga. While the teaser and this particular information left the fans excited, they were expecting more content to come their way. However, since we are three months away from the showcase, it makes sense for the company to not reveal a lot of things at this point. When the showcase comes out in the month of August, Bungie might reveal a lot of interesting information about The Final Saga.

At the moment, Destiny 2 players are enjoying all that the Lightfall expansion had to offer. The DLC, which was launched in the month of February, offered player a lot of exciting content to try out. Apart from new campaign missions being added to the game, the DLC has also introduced a new element that offers players a bunch of new movement abilities to try out.

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