GTA 6 Fans Are Mighty Impressed With 12th Hour Trailer

GTA 6 Developer

A GTA 6 trailer, put together by the YouTube channel 12th Hour, has captured the imagination of fans in a big way!

12th hour, a YouTube channel, came up with a video that described the process behind developing GTA 6. The video received a lot of appreciation from GTA fans. As a YouTube channel, 12th Hour focuses on turning conceptual ideas into reality. Their creations are mostly very good and that’s the primary reason why the channel is so popular with the gaming community.

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The YouTube channel is the brainchild of an individual named Ryan who seems to be extremely passionate about developing interesting concepts and presenting them in different forms. Through his creativity, the YouTuber has represented games like Angry Birds and Fortnite in a very unique manner. Ryan’s version of GTA 6, however, is his best work to date. The video serves as a good testimony to the kind of talent the YouTuber possesses.

Since Rockstar Games hasn’t shared any gameplay footage pertaining to GTA 6, fans got the opportunity to refer to this video and get an idea about the kind of look and feel the much-awaited game would have. Before that, all the information fans got was through gameplay leaks derived from early footage.

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The GTA 6 trailer created by Ryan has a grand feel to it and that’s one of the many reasons why fans have connected to it in a huge way. The length of the video is around two minutes and it traces the journey of the two protagonists Jason and Lucia. It features the two characters finding an escape route out of jail and finding their way through the Vice City criminal underworld.

The YouTuber spent several hours putting together this trailer and the effort put in by them shows. What is truly admirable is the fact that the trailer features assets that have been created by the YouTubers themselves. Apart from the high-quality visuals, the trailer also stands out because of EddieContento’s voice acting, camera angles and sound effects.

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