Diablo 4 And KFC Collaboration Gets Unveiled; What’s Special About It?

Diablo 4

While there was a lot of discussion about the Diablo 4 and KFC collaboration for a while, it has been finally revealed!

Diablo 4 has finally launched its new promotional campaign in collaboration with KFC. This campaign features some interesting in-game cosmetics. While the collaboration was not announced by Blizzard or KFC in the past, there was a lot of speculation about it in the media. Now, one finally gets to see promotional material of the game being showcased at multiple KFC restaurants.

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A while back, one stumbled upon a few leaks which pointed towards a second Diablo4 – KFC promotion being readied for the launch of the game. While there was no official announcement made on it, the contents of an internal email referenced multiple in-game cosmetics that players could acquire by buying some food at KFC. The discovery of a bunch of weapon models revolving around the theme of poultry worked towards adding fuel to the fire.

At this moment, multiple KFC locations in the United States are dishing out Diablo 4 promotion. KFC, on May 29, introduced a new landing page on its official website. Through this page, the company officially announced its partnership with Diablo 4. Several KFC restaurants are now using sandwich wrappers and cups that have Diablo 4’s logo on it.

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As per the information shared on Diablo 4’s website, players will have the chance to get their Battle.net accounts synced in order to unlock rewards. Players have already begun engaging in this activity from May 30. It is important to remember that sandwiches that are bought digitally via the official website or app of KFC will be considered to be qualifying purchases. Sandwiches can be bought for as low as $5. Therefore, if a player unlocks all five Diablo 4 weapons in KFC, they will have to pay $25.

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