Diablo 4: New Video Shared By Developers Offers a Glimpse Into The Story and Characters

Diablo 4

While fans are keenly awaiting the release of Diablo 4 on June 6, the developers have released a new video to introduce them to the story and the characters in the game!

A new video, which has been officially released by Diablo 4, teases fans about the plot points and characters that would be a part of the game that is scheduled to release on June 6. While one had been introduced to a few characters through the beta version of Diablo 4, this video teaser offers a lot of other information that one was not privy to.

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Senior manager Sean Copeland, game director Joe Shely, lead writer Matt Burns and associate writer Eden Trujillo also featured in this video which has been titled ‘Inside The Game: A New Saga’. The development teaser is quite brief but does offer a good amount of information pertaining to the much-awaited game. Apart from informing players what they should expect from the game, the teaser also delves into Diablo’s history and introduces fans to the core conflict taking place between Inarius and Lilith, who happen to be the Sanctuary creators and whose equation serves as the base for the narrative of the game.

The teaser also introduced players to several characters who will play an important role in taking the narrative of Diablo 4 forward. Some of these characters include LorathNahr, a Horadrimscholar, Neyrelle, the scholar who is in search of his mother who has gone missing and Prava, the Church of Light’s Reverend Mother.

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The beta version of Diablo 4 had a playable portion that featured characters going on a quest to trace Donan and Eldhaime Keep in Scosglen. However, in the beta version, only the Fractured Peaks area was accessible.

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