Street Fighter 6: Release Date and Prequel Comic Series Covers of the Game Revealed

Street Fighter 6

The release date and the covers for the much anticipated Street Fighter 6 have finally been revealed by Capcom and Udon Entertainment.

Capcom and Udon Entertainment have finally revealed the release date and covers for the Street Fighter 6 prequel comics that are slated to release soon. While many games are slated to release this summer, this one is definitely one of the most anticipated ones. This summer is going to be quite eventful for Capcom as it will be releasing a few other major titles like Diablo 4 and Final Fantasy 16.

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In order to build anticipation for the next title in the series, Capcom and Udon Entertainment are launching a bunch of Street Fighter 6 comics that will offer players a glimpse into the game. This strategy to promote a game is quite unique and it would be interesting to see the kind of results it yields.

Whenever Capcom and Udon Entertainment come together for a project, one has good expectations from it. In the past, they have collaborated on putting together several aspects pertaining to different gaming titles. Before the game is released in the month of June, the comic series should help in generating some awareness about it.

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As far as the comics are concerned, the first issue will come out on May 6, 2023. What’s interesting about this date is that it is the day when Free Comic Book day is celebrated. At the moment, the first issue is called ‘Issue 0’. It will offer readers and gamers a glimpse into several of the old and new characters in the game. The first issue will also cover an exciting fight that is scheduled to take place between Juri and Kimberly. After the launch of the first issue, the Street Fighter 6 prequel comics shall adhere to a weekly release schedule. The next four issues are slated to release on 10th May, 17th May, 24th May and 31st May.

In the first issue, gamers can also look forward to seeing some brand-new covers featuring Kimberly, one of the biggest stars of the franchise. These covers will be up for purchase on the online Udon store. Two of these exclusive covers have been put together by Reiq. While one of the covers is priced at $20, the other one costs $50. It is important to note here that the second cover has been designed as a limited stock cover. Only 250 copies will be available of this cover which shall feature Kimberly adorning a summer-friendly outfit.

The prequel comics will revolve around Ken’s journey in Street Fighter 6. After the Mad Gear gang frames him, Ken runs around trying to keep himself safe. Because of his troubles, he also doesn’t get the opportunity to meet his family. Though Ken would be at the center of this story, Luke will play a very important role in this as well. These comics should help fans warm up to the game before it gets officially launched in the month of June.

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