E3 2023 Cancellation Explained by CEO Owing to Numerous Problems

E3 2023

The massive gaming expo E3 2023 cancellation explained by none other than the CEO and President Stanley Pierre Louis.

The event used to be the most significant of them all in the past and just when it was about to give a huge comeback, the Covid lockdown set in which further aided to the growing problems.

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In the past weeks, news continued to leak confirming that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are not going to take part in the event. That is yet another huge blow for a gaming event where the only three major players refused to showcase their latest and greatest hardware in their own booths. Gamers flock to the event primarily to witness upcoming games in all their glory but Nintendo has been boycotting the physical event for many years now.

The situation is not so favorable to host such a huge event at this point in time owing to the financial changes during lockdown and the practical difficulties especially when companies decided to have their own digital showcase. Nintendo is not new to this scene but when big players like Microsoft and Sony do the same, it becomes pointless to host the show in such a grand manner.

Changing Release Dates

E3 2023 cancellation explained by the head had some reasonable points because the two-year lockdown had delayed game releases by many months. They are not at all ready to showcase any of their titles immediately which further tarnishes the game show. “In the past when the show was in its early stages, we had developers, game companies and everyone showing huge support. However as things came close they couldn’t really hold the line and deliver as promised which led to some backing up their original plans,” said Pierre Louis.

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He further added that E3 is a far bigger show than others which is why gaming expos on a different scale continued to happen last year and once again in 2023. However, E3 2023 cancellation explained by him clarified that they need a canvas for the show to properly reach its audience while developers continue to find new ways to promote their work.

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