The Elder Scrolls 6 Might Not Be an Xbox Exclusive After All

The Elder Scrolls 6

While one did come across reports suggesting that The Elder Scrolls 6 would be launched as an Xbox exclusive, there is a good possibility of the game being available on other platforms as well.

Because of several reasons, the gaming community had assumed The Elder Scrolls 6 to be launched as an Xbox exclusive game. Many reports put out by leading publications, too, conveyed the same. However, this particular piece of information was never confirmed by Xbox and Bethesda.

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There were reports indicating that the game will not get a PlayStation 5 release. PlayStation fans, however, kept hoping that these rumors would not turn out to be true. Even if the game didn’t get a PS5 release initially, fans would have been happy to see it being available on the platform at a later date.

A Microsoft lawyer, referring to some documents pertaining to Activision’s acquisition of Xbox, stated that Xbox has planned to release two Bethesda games exclusively on Xbox. These two games will not be available on PS5. Microsoft lawyers, in a statement given last year, had said something different.

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Back then, the lawyers had stated that ‘three future titles’ developed by Bethesda will not be arriving on PS5. When this particular announcement was made, many fans jumped to the conclusion that these three games were Redfall, Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6. While Starfield and Redfall have been confirmed as Xbox exclusive releases, no such confirmation has been shared on The Elder Scrolls 6. Because of this, there is some hope for The Elder Scrolls 6 releasing across multiple platforms.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, PS5 fans shouldn’t give up on hope and wait for Bethesda to come up with an official announcement regarding this. Since there are many individuals who would want to play the game on PlayStation, it might be a good idea for Bethesda to consider releasing it across different platforms.

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