Xbox E3 2023 Showcase Will Not Have an Official Physical Booth

Xbox E3 2023

The popular gaming expo is lackluster now as Xbox E3 2023 showcase will have plenty of games, trailers to watch and announcements but there will be no physical booth at the gaming convention.

In the past, Electronic Entertainment Expo has been an iconic spot for gamers and gaming companies alike as everyone came together to showcase their best.

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With the massive lockdowns in the past years and their inability to bring E3 as a grand event again, this year it is going to be much smaller and hardly anything exciting to look forward to. Microsoft’s Xbox Studios are among the top line up of players to showcase their titles. Nintendo dropped out of the race many times in the past with a Nintendo Showcase live event while Sony has continued to boycott the event as well. Xbox will be no different this year as they are simply going to reveal games in a live video.

Live Streamed Event

Xbox E3 2023 showcase is going to be a live show which will be streamed on June 11 as part of their promotional strategy. However, for anyone who manages to visit the show floor and likes to try their newest titles in person, there will be a massive disappointment. For the first time, the three major players Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo will not be taking part. In the past years, Microsoft continued to support this particular event by making its presence felt in person. However, this year they are going to go all digital.

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E3 in 2023 is being organized by ReedPop but major publishers like Ubisoft, EA and others are not sure if they are supposed to be there in person or not. The organizers do claim that they have lined up some AAA publishers, but their names will not be revealed until the event happens. They wish to provide the space for those publishers so that they do their own marketing without any hindrance from the show organizers.

Xbox E3 2023 showcase may not change history altogether because if there are enough titles to be announced, PlayStation will come back to E3 next year. The event begins on June 13 this year and is expected to have much fanfare, provided enough AAA titles are announced during the gaming expo season.

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