WoW: Dragonflight Mythic Season 2: Activision Blizzard Releases New Affixes

WoW: Dragonflight

While fans would be quite happy to see new affixes in Dragonflight Season 2, they must be mindful of the fact that these affixes could be more complex to understand than the ones that were provided to them earlier.

In the second season of WoW: Dragonflight, Mythic Keystones will be renovated significantly. New affixes will be added to World of Warcraft 2 during the weekly rotation phase. As far as the Mythic dungeon experience is concerned, there has always been a lot of debate around affixes. According to some players, affixes tend to detract them from the enjoyment involved in doing the Keystones.

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In a bid to address the issues plaguing the system, Dragonflight Mythic Season is getting rid of seasonal affixes. As the developers have confirmed themselves, several more changes will be carried out as per the feedback given by the players.

Dragonflight’s Patch 1.01 marks the arrival of a new zone that can be explored by the players. The ones, who are looking forward to experience all that the second season of Mythik Keystones has to offer, can use the gearing system found in Zaralek Cavern to their advantage. After removing seasonal affixes and a bunch of other regular affixes, the developers will now be adding new affixes to the game.

Wowhead, after going through a brand new World of Warcraft build put together by PTR, figured out the kind of ideas Activision Blizzard had pertaining to getting the lost affixes replaced. According to Wowhead, the newcomers are Entangling, Incorporal, and Afflicted. Incorporal happens to be an affix that breeds spectral figures closer to the players in order to bring about a sense of instability in the group.

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Afflicted, on the other hand, results in spirits hovering around the group that needs help. If the players do not manage to cleanse or heal the spirits from different afflictions like Poison, Disease or Curse in 10 seconds, they will suffer from a haste reduction debuff.

As far as the Entangling affix is concerned, it leads to players getting entangled by a vine. When this happens, their movement speed gets reduced by 50% for a period of 8 seconds. They could also get stunned for 3 seconds if they are not able to get themselves untangled by going 10 yards away. Players would also be happy to know about the redesigning of the Explosive Mythic affix.

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