EA Throws Clarity on Buying The Sims 4 and its DLCs on Steam


Electronic Arts for some untold reason is bringing all its games to Steam, the PC game distribution platform.

They used to have it only on Origin, their own service which includes titles like the Sims 4, Battlefield series, Command & Conquer among many others. Times have changed for good as you could play it on Steam now on PC.

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When a new game lands on Steam from a different game client, obviously most people have to buy it all over again. Unless it is a free game, there is little chance that the developer would simply allow you to own the game because you have already had it. The way Electronic Arts and Maxis handle this situation is a bit different, somewhat favorable for long-time Sims fans without questions.


Instead of providing the game for free which doesn’t make much sense, they have come up with a more authentic solution. Gamers who would like to play the game on Steam should purchase it separately. The title is being sold with a solid 50% discount on the platform and it will be up until the 9th of July. For just $19.99, you can own the game and move from Origin to Steam.

DLCs will carry over

The best part about this new announcement is that you won’t have to purchase all the DLCs and game packs that you have already acquired on Origin. The virtual currency and everything owned by you can be shifted over to Steam instantly. That converts into hundreds of dollars saved for people who had been playing the game for years now because all the DLCs will be ready for use right away.

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The only catch is that you have to spend $20 in order to gain access to everything you have purchased over the years on Origin. The virtual currency and the DLCs combined with game packs will be provided to your account on Steam as soon as you make the purchase.

EA has more plans for Steam as EA Access feature is heading to Steam where you could pay a monthly subscription to gain access to lots of games including Battlefield, The Sims 4 and some select DLCs along with Titanfall 2 among many others. The decision to provide all the DLCs and game packs is an excellent one because lots of gamers would love to have their entire collection on just one platform than having to switch, back and forth between multiple game clients on PC.

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