Elden Ring Bug Enables MaleniaTo Fight Even After Suffering From a Defeat

Elden ring

Bugs in a game, at times, can be quite helpful to the players and contribute towards making things more dynamic. That’s exactly what Elden Ring players experienced recently!

Elden Ring is one game in which you encounter a number of tough-as-nail bosses. If one had to compile a list of the toughest bosses in the game, Malenia might top the list. She has, of course, been a part of the some of the hardest and most memorable boss fights in the history of gaming. Therefore, when somebody like her suffers from a defeat, it makes news.

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Recently, Malenia got defeated by Inzealous. While this was a big moment in the game, something strange happened immediately after this. Before dying, Malenia had already summoned her phantom spirits. These spirits continued to fight on her behalf long after she was dead.

In all the times I’ve faced Malenia whether as a Host or as a summon, that is the first time this ever happened.
by u/Inzealous in Eldenring

Those who have fought it out with Malenia in the game are well aware of how dangerous her phantom spirits attack is. Apart from being overwhelming, her post-death attack can be extremely unexpected and surprising. As confirmed by the video, Inzealous has emerged as the first-ever player in the history of Elden Ring to defeat Malenia but also get defeated by her in the same battle.

The aforementioned clip shows Malenia continuing to fight despite being defeated. While this has clearly happened because of a glitch, one does not have elaborate information on what led to this. This is definitely a moment Elden Ring players will remember for years to come.

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While Malenia continues to be a difficult character to defeat, battling her out has become a little more accessible now owing to a new Elden Ring update. With the arrival of a new patch, the Cursed Sword of Morgott has become much more robust now. It has also been demonstrated how one can defeat Malenia in just about 60 seconds.

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