Elden Ring: A Major DLC Might Be Introduced In The Action Role-Playing Game

Elden ring

A leaked conversation shared by a fan points out the possibility of a ‘huge’ DLC arriving in the Elden Ring game.

If an insider is to be believed, Elden Ring will feature a large DLC soon.

Ever since Elden Ring was launched in 2022, there have been a lot of fan requests to release new DLCs for the game. For the longest time, From Software remained mum on it. However, now the gaming developer seems to have finally taken note of the feedback shared by fans and might release a new DLC very soon.

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While no paid or premium DLC has been added to Elden Ring, new content has been added to the game through free updates. These updates have brought in several new things, including a PvP mode, balance changes, and new cosmetics. The updates have played an important role in keeping the game relevant and increasing its player base. However, there has been a lot of demand for new expansions to be included in the game. The arrival of a new expansion makes fans look forward to fresh content.

ApprehensiveTop8927, who happens to be a Reddit user, shared the link to a screenshot that offers one a glimpse into a leaked conversation featuring a streamer named Lance McDonald. The streamer has made strong claims about a new expansion being included in the Elden Ring soon. While he has stated that he has a good amount of information on this expansion, he refrained from sharing too many details about it.

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McDonald has stated it clearly that he does not have many updates to share about the gameplay mechanics, but claimed that a ‘big area’ will be added to the game as a part of this expansion. Interestingly, one has also come across some evidence that strengthens his claim. The Colosseum map files that were discovered recently were found to be authentic. Because of this, there is a good possibility of the claims made by McDonald to be true.

According to leaked discord conversation, Lance McDonald stated that huge Elden ring expansion will arrive from GamingLeaksAndRumours

The claims made by McDonald have created a lot of movement in the Elden Ring fan community. While many fans are excited at the prospect of a new DLC being launched in the game, there are some who are concerned about the veracity of these claims. Many fans have pointed out that a new DLC should come out as a comment posted by Hidetaki Miyazaki, the game director, indicates this as well. Till the time an official announcement is made by From Software, one can expect a lot of speculation to take place around it.

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