Elden Ring Ray Tracing Update 1.09 Has Made Players Unhappy – Here’s Why

Elden ring

On multiple platforms, Elden Ring players have reported issues with the game after the ray tracing update 1.09 was rolled out.

While incorporating ray tracing in Elden Ring, the developers might have imagined it to be received warmly by the players. However, it seems to have brought some trouble for the players. Ray tracing was included in the 1.09 update for the PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X versions of Elden Ring. Players have not been happy with the ray tracing implementation as it resulted in the game suffering from a breakdown. This is a problem taking place across multiple platforms.

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Ray tracing can be broadly described as a tool that utilizes lighting techniques to make improvements in the lighting setup of a game. If ray tracing is incorporated properly, it can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a game.

Many publishers have used ray tracing in older titles while making an attempt to make them look fresh. Ray tracing also helps greatly in dealing with issues like performance drops. However, there are certain challenges associated with ray tracing. Implementing it proves to be a highly intensive process and you should opt for it only when you have a herculean machine at your disposal.

The implementation of ray tracing in Elden Ring has not been smooth, to say the least. Players and fans have discussed the issues pertaining to its implementation in the game on multiple platforms including Twitter and Reddit. Many players have pointed out that the update has not been able to being about any significant change to the game. What’s worse is that it has made it difficult for them to play the game smoothly.

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A player, who was trying out Elder Ring on an RTX 4090, has stated that ray-traced visuals have led to stuttering issues and also brought the frame rate down to 40 FPS. Another player, who was playing it on Xbox Series X, claimed that the game has dropped down to 5 FPS because of the update. A bunch of players have come forward and said that even they turn off the ray-traced visuals, they witness the game crashing down.

In the past, too, players have complained about the performance-based issues with Elden Ring. Upon its official PC launch, the game received a lot of criticism for its underwhelming performance. This particular issue is even more serious as it affects individuals playing the game on the many platforms it is available on.

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