GTA Online Bug Gives Players The Opportunity To Merge Their Vehicles

GTA Online Update

A new GTA Online bug has made it possible for players to merge their cars effortlessly.

While Rockstar Games has made a few attempts to fix the GTA Online bug issues, players have managed to develop fascinating trips to exploit them and gain a competitive edge for themselves in the game. When it comes to exploits in the GTA Online game, car merge glitches top the list.

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EvadeX, who happens to be a popular YouTuber, recently shared details pertaining to a car merge glitch that makes it possible for individual players to merge their cars with another in-game car. They also get the option to purchase the merged vehicle and make it a part of the garages in the game. While the YouTuber showcased the glitch adequately to the players using an Xbox console, players can take advantage of this bug on other platforms as well. All they need to do is follow the necessary steps and press the right buttons.

The YouTuber, on April 14, 2023, uploaded a video that introduced players to a fairly convenient method to merge in-game cars. According to the video, the players are first required to enter their Bunkers and then, come out of them. This will result in the glitch being activated. After this, the players will have to visit their Auto Shop business and get inside the premises. To ensure the glitch works, you must remember to register yourself as a CEO.

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There are a few important things that have not been mentioned by the YouTuber but are crucial for players to remember. The players, for instance, should have a car at their disposal that can be modified. They must also ensure that the Auto Shop in GTA Online has a Benny’s Original Motor Works vehicle inside it.

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