Elden Ring Developers Seek Inspiration From Mythology To Create Weapons


As a game, Elden Ring is based on several mythological elements.

Apart from the antagonists in the game, many of the locations and names have been derived from several stories that have been an integral part of our mythological ecosystem. The game’s highlight has been the weapons that players get to use while playing it.

As per a report published in Techradar, the game features more than 200 weapons at the moment. While player will be required to have certain statistics to be able to use them, the variety of weapons in the game is quite impressive and regardless of the kind of games you enjoy playing, you will definitely come across a few weapons that will catch your attention. Some of the prominent weapons in the game are daggers, scythes, swords, claws, axes, torches, halberds, crossbows, twin-blades and spears.

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While each of the weapon in the game has a mythological connection, these can be further divided into different groups. As one would know, there is no dearth of fierce dragons in the game. Apart from popular Arabian dragons, the game features Japanese dragons like Orochi and dragons of European origin like Wyverns. Some of the prominent dragon-themed weapons in the game are the Dragon Greatclaw, Dragonscale Blade, Dragon King’s Cragblade and Magma Wyrm’sScalesword.

Elden ring

Just like dragons, giants have been a part of the popular culture of many countries. They have featured in some of the most popular mythological stories told in Norse, Hinduism, Shintoism, Abrahamic, Celtic and Greek mythology. In Elden Ring, the giants appear as antagonists. Some of the most well-known giant-themed weapons in the game are Giant’s Seal and Giant-Crusher.

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Greek and Roman Mythology, too, drive the narrative in Elden Ring. Two weapons, namely Flowing Hammer and Nox Flowing Sword, have been based on Nyx, the much-revered goddess of the night. Another popular Greek-themed weapon in the game is called the Hand of Malenia. The Ghostflame Torch, one of the most popular weapons in the game, is derived from Japanese mythology. This particular weapon symbolizes the belief in ghost light which is referred to as the onibi.

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