Marvel’s Avengers Update Marks The Arrival Of Important Changes


Ever since it got launched in 2020, Marvel’s Avengers has been finding it difficult to expand its user base.

Though the game managed to sell very well in the United States and the United Kingdom for a brief period of time, the reviewers were not too kind and the number of players dwindled over time. Despite its middling reception, publisher Square Enix, along with developer Crystal Dynamics, is lending good support to the game.

On March 29, Version 2.3 was released worldwide. Originally slated for a release on 24 March, the slightly delayed update brought in several prominent changes to the game. Now, suitable adjustments have been made to the War Table and missions have been streamlined properly. This update has also been noticed by a large number of players as it brought back a fan-favorite character.

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A majority of the changes, introduced via the update, are pertaining to the War Table missions in the game. Missions like Treat Sector and Drop Zone, which used to be swapped out every 15 minutes, will now be available permanently on the map. Another significant change is related to HIVES. As soon as players manage to secure a power level for themselves, they will get to see HIVES appearing right in front of their eyes.

The 2.3 update has focused on making the onboarding process smoother and more accessible. Players are quite excited to see Nick Fury making a comeback to the game and being a guide and mentor to new players. Crystal Dynamics has gone ahead and re-recorded a bunch of tutorial lines in Nick’s voice.

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Developers seemed to have worked very hard towards redesigning the tutorial mission of the game. This has been done to ensure players don’t go through any kind of confusion while participating in it. Some tutorial missions have been removed and a few have been tied to the level of the player. Crystal Dynamics is hopeful that these modifications will play a good role in making the game more accessible to a larger number of players. Whether this update manages to turn around the fortunes of the game or not is something time will tell.

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