Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date: Xbox Chief Teases Fans About Launch on PlayStation 5

Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date

Though the release date of Elder Scrolls 6 is years away, a recent comment made by Microsoft CEO makes one believe that the game will get a multi-platform launch!

When The Elder Scrolls was officially announced in the year 2018, fans didn’t realize that the wait for the game to arrive would be this long. After the formal announcement about the game came through at the Electronic Entertainment Expo organized in the year 2018, fans started looking forward to getting more updates about the game. It has been five years and the project is yet to see the light of day.

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This year, in August, The Elder Scrolls 6 got into full-fledged development. This managed to revive the excitement and hype around the game to a certain extent. Because of the many delays that happened along the way, there is a possibility of the game releasing as late as 2028. By the time the game is released, it will be a decade since it was first announced.

Recently, while giving an interview to Bloomberg, Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer spoke about the game and shared some details about it. During the interview, Spencer stated that the company tries to ensure that the games produced by it are playable on multiple platforms. Apart from being playable on PC and Xbox consoles, these games are also made compatible with web-enabled devices.

Spencer further stated that the company is very conscious about giving players the opportunity to choose how they wish to play each of the games offered by them. The company, according to Spencer, is also particular about ensuring that fans do not face any issues while building their gaming library.

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Two years back, however, Spencer had said something that contradicted his recent statements. In 2021, the CEO had stated that all the games developed by Bethesda would launch exclusively on Xbox. If we go by his recent comments, there is a good possibility of The Elder Scrolls 6 releasing on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This, among other things, would ensure a wide reach for the much-awaited game. Until then, fans would have to patiently wait for several months if not years to know the Elder Scrolls 6 release date.

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