The Sims 4: New Base Game Patch Brings In Fresh Updates In The Game

The Sims 4

The arrival of fresh updates has made the game more relatable for players!

In the recent past, many of the updates introduced in The Sims 4 have played an important role in elevating players’ interest in the game. Now, a new update has brought in certain changes in the game that have made it more immersive and exciting. For Rent expansion, which has been released just recently, has introduced several new elements and changes that fans have been wanting to implement for long.

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Players now have the opportunity to assign certain types of sinks in bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces. Earlier, Sims had to use the sink at their disposal to do the dishes. This update has changed that. Now, Sims will be able to prioritize sinks that are marked as ‘Kitchen’ or ‘All’ for the purpose of dishwashing. This update might seem minor but the fact is that it will play quite a significant role in making the game come across as more realistic and relatable.

In the base game, players can also see a new feature in the form of ‘take off shoes’. Till recently, this feature was only available in the Snowy Escape expansion. Players, who did not have this expansion pack, wanted to use this feature for long. The development team at The Sims 4, therefore, decided to integrate it in the game. With this feature now being incorporated, players will be able to get their footwear customized conveniently.

Players now also have the option of switching control to another household by performing the simple act of clicking on their front door. Earlier, to switch between families, players had to go to the Manage Worlds screen and make some alterations to the gameplay flow. With this change coming into place, players would now find it easier to navigate through the responsibilities of different households.

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The aforementioned updates which have just been launched are available for those who have downloaded and installed the newest patch. The For Rent expansion introduces players to a variety of new elements including landlord gameplay and Tomarang, a new world modelled on Southeast Asia.

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