The Elder Scrolls 6 Will NOT Be Launching on PlayStation 5

The Elder Scrolls 6

The much-awaited game, which was announced five years back, will not be available to PS5 users upon its launch!

The FTC v. Microsoft case has led to fans getting information about some of the major gaming titles that are in the development process at the moment. Through statements made by different individuals and parties, one has received a lot of details about some of the games that will be launched in the near future.

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A document, that has been released recently and is related to the FTC v. Microsoft case, serves as a confirmation of the fact that The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be released for at least a few years. This has, of course, not come as a surprise to most people as one has heard murmurs about it for a while. However, the document confirms another thing that has come as a rude shock to many. The Elder Scrolls 6 will not get a release on PlayStation 5.

As per the new chart produced by Microsoft for FTC, The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be releasing before the year 2026. This was also stated by a lawyer representing Microsoft in the court. Upon its launch, the game will be available to be played on Xbox and PC. Some of the other recently released titles by Bethesda, like Starfield and Redfall, too, released on these platforms.  PS5 is one platform, however, the game would not be launching on.

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Gaming enthusiasts would remember that The Elder Scrolls 6 was revealed in the year 2018. After that, Bethesda refrained from sharing anything about the game. For the longest time, one came across reports suggesting that the game would be released exclusively on platforms owned and operated by Microsoft. While the game is years away from its release, it not releasing on PS5 is not good news for those who use this console for all their gaming activities.

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