GTA The Trilogy Might Arrive on Steam Very Soon


There is some good news for GTA fans who are on Steam. Steam, as one would know, is a video game distribution service that has been around for almost two decades now.

There is a possibility of Rockstar Games taking the requisite steps to bring GTA The Trilogy on Steam in the near future. Recently, a GTAForums member found out that the Steam configuration has been included in the Engine.ini file of the PC version of the game as a part of the update 1.04.5.

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While GTA The Trilogy arriving on Steam is an exciting piece of news for fans, there are a few important things that need to be considered first. Before launching it on Steam, Rockstar Games will have to iron out some of the issues with the game. The publisher should start compiling a list of improvements and fixes that need to be rolled out on an urgent basis. If this is not taken seriously, the game might receive flak from users after being launched on Steam.

Update 1.06, which was rolled out for GTA The Trilogy –The Definitive Edition, has brought in a bunch of prominent bug fixes and gameplay changes for the game. The update has also contributed towards the game becoming more stable. There are, however, several issues that have not been addressed as yet. To give credit where it’s due, update 1.06 has managed some of the biggest issues associated with Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas.

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A while back, some screenshots, pertaining to GTA The Trilogy, had released. These screenshots offered a glimpse into an early build or structure of GTA The Trilogy. Christopher Walch, who works as a technical artist with Grove Street Games, had shared these screenshots on ArtStation.

Grove Street Games, as some would remember, is the gaming studio that worked on GTA.The Trilogy. The aforementioned screenshots give one a basic idea about the development process of GTA San Andreas that was carried out using Unreal Engine 4. The official page of Art Station offers some additional information about the material type and shader work done for the car paint in UE4.

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