The Elder Scrolls Online Shares Important Details Pertaining To Halloween Event

Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is all set to host its annual Witches Festival, where players will get the opportunity to celebrate Halloween with several lucrative rewards and prizes.

The Elder Scrolls Online players will get to enjoy a seasonal polymorph along with several XP boosts owing to a free quest. To claim festive rewards, they can try and earn some of the other in-game items.

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Just like several other MMORPGs, this game is marked by the presence of a bunch of seasonal events that arrive at the same time as real-world festivities. The game also hosts several events that have a close connection with the world and narrative of Tamriel. The Jester’s Festival and New Life Festival in the game celebrate the April Fools and New Year Holidays. The Anniversary Jubilee coincides with the launch anniversary of the game. The mid-year Whitestrake’s Mayhem event serves as a symbol of the victory of PelinalWhitestrake against the Ayleids.

In MMORPGs, seasonal events have always been very important. These seasonal events are primarily responsible for the dynamic energy you experience while playing these games. It also gives players the opportunity to some of their favorite festivals while playing the game.

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The annual Witches Festival is the October event for the Elder Scroll Online. The event kickstarts on Thursday, October 20 at 10 AM EDT and will go on till Wednesday.To participate in the vent, players will have to go to the Crown Store and choose the free quest ‘The Witchmother’s Bargain’. You also have the option of picking it up by paying a visit to the Crow Caller outside Olyve’s Brewery in Auridron, Stonefalls or Glenumbra. Once a player finishes the introductory quest, they will be rewarded with the Witchmother’s Whistle.

If a player manages to defeat the bosses during the event, they will be rewarded with Plunder Skull containers. Through these containers, you can get your hands on many of the interesting festival-theme rewards. With each successful encounter, you stand a chance to win crafting motifs, creepy items and furnishing products. There is also a chance to win the much-coveted Dremora Plunder Skull.

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