Everything You Could Expect in GTA Online CayoPerico Heist Update

With the end of 2020, we have exciting announcements for your most favorite games.

GTA Online continues to be one of the biggest when it comes to receiving support with additional content. The GTA Online CayoPerico Heist update is a massive one at that and for newbies or if you haven’t played the game in a long time, this is time to read more about it in the patch notes.

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As part of the annual winter update, players will now be able to head to a secluded island named as CayoPerico. It is owned by a drug lord if we are to follow the story and the world is also connected with GTA San Andreas, whereas the mainland for GTA V continues to be a separate entity in this update. Heists are always challenging and fun especially when they are done with a group of friends. This time, you are expected to dive all in using a submarine and complete the heist without attracting too much attention.

Challenging Heists, Powerful Weapons

Every time a new heist is introduced in GTA Online, the developers at Rockstar ensure they deliver some powerful weapons. These weapons change the game like no other because you will be able to place a slew of enemies without difficulty. Besides, they will continue to offer more challenges especially when a heist is in progress. There are plenty of new cars which add more horsepower to your missions and as always they will be expensive.


Only the best players who are willing to spend their time to earn GTA$ will be able to buy the cars and weapons. The update also includes a nightclub for you to explore. Named the Music Locker, it is locked right where you have Diamond Casino making it easier to access. Besides, players who have spent endless hours in the map will be able to easily find it.

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The GTA Online Heist costs a hefty amount of $2,000,000 because the submarine should be purchased to complete it successfully. Six new vehicles are being added to the DLC update which makes it one of the biggest winter updates for GTA 5, giving players more than enough reasons to get back in the fight. The submarine has lots of firepower and can also be customized.

While the military rifle costs $397,500, the combat shotgun is equally expensive at $295,000. New emotes and stability fixes are also being rolled out with this update.

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