GTA 5 Gets Huge Winter 2020 Update, CayoPerico Heist Reveal Trailer

Rockstar Games

GTA Online has been garnering attention ever since it got launched years ago and the hype surrounding the same continues to be immense despite the game aging like a fine wine.

While GTA 5 has already made its way to next-generation consoles including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the developers continue to support the community with something new.

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Set on an island, the new CayoPerico heist is one of the best around, or at least that’s what the trailer claims it to be. Rockstar has always been at the forefront when it comes to launching some compelling new DLC content for the online version of the game. While companies like Activision barely support their game for two whole years, Rockstar has been doing it successfully for nearly seven years now and it is only expected to continue for few more years before it is completely halted.

Completely New Location

A brand new location has been revealed in an action-packed trailer. CayoPerico Islands are where the grand action in this new heist is going to take place. The maps are extremely large and even though the game is seven years old now, the title can comfortably compete with the newly launched Cyberpunk 2077 without any difficulty.

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GTA Online has always been about the bounty because when you come across risky heists, you can obviously earn more. Playing as a team is always encouraged even further but finding good teammates is more of a fantasy, as many players know by now unless you have your own squad to get into these heists. This particular heist is about getting access to the private compound of a drug lord.

He will be heavily armed with private military and it is up to the team to heist in Freemode while discovering lots of GTA 6 Easter Eggs along the path. According to the storyline, this spot is part of San Andreas. The developers of GTA 5 have also revealed lots of new weapons, better radio stations and music to keep you busy while driving.

Dance Club in Vogue

Nightclub The Music Locker is a newly revealed dance club with plenty of new music and stuff that would make nights more fun. Similar to how the casino deals with games, this club would offer music lovers a spot to hang out with other people and also make friends along the path. The end of the year has witnessed some great updates from the GTA team.

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