GTA 6 Hint Dropped in GTA Online or Are We Wrong?

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GTA Online has become a place of constant news and rumors because there is just so much to do in the vast open world.

While players are busy completing one mission after another, they come across signs and one player believes GTA 6 location has been revealed or are we completely wrong in interpreting this coincidence?

The developers of any game for that matter would love to leave a trail of easter eggs. They want fans to keep guessing what should be done next or what they are working on at the moment. While it is a known fact that the next game in the series, GTA 6 is under development for many years now hints are really less except for this one.

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GTA Online is getting a whole new set of new game modes, heists and missions to complete. At the same time, the developers have also showcased a cryptic teaser with breadcrumbs all over. The Los Santos map is where this takes place, if we are to make a guess somewhere in an offshore island. The numbers to identify a location has appeared and it is only a glance. If you look closely, it reads into 38.527 and 79.6129 which marks a particular location for obvious reasons.

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When we managed to dump all those numbers in the online manual, we can find that it refers to Middle Mountain Trail. By going to this location in the real world, the roadways are designed in such a way that they form an V and it continues to represent a VI. Another obvious reason is that the next GTA VI will be named using Roman numerals and this could be an Easter Egg the developers would want gamers to notice.

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Is Rockstar Doing This or Not?

Being one of the hyped games of all time, it is difficult to accept the situation that Rockstar would really reveal their huge game in such fashion. GTA 6 has so much fan following and gamers would possibly purchase it as soon as it get launched. Such a title should usually get revealed in a grand launch event like E3 but with the event out of the way now, it may get hints inside GTA Online. There is a possibility that this is a real hint or something that we are misunderstanding because we want to know if a new game is in the making.

The wait is going to be long as Rockstar is quite silent on anything related to the next game.

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