Fallout 4: Exploring The Possibility of a Multiplayer Game Based On It

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a game rich in a variety of content that could be used to put together a new multiplayer game.

Fallout 4 was launched in the year 2015 and emerged as a worthy addition to this popular franchise created by Bethesda. It had many elements and characteristics that were found to be similar to the earlier games in the franchise.

From a post-apocalyptic landscape to a third-person perspective, the game made it clear that it was going to represent Fallout’s legacy properly. There were, of course, many new elements like base-building, crafting and different types of customization options. While Bethesda did a lot of things right, it let go of the opportunity to create a multiplayer game out of this franchise.

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Three years after Fallout 4 was officially launched, Bethesda managed to surprise the fans in a huge way with Fallout 76. Designed as an online action RPG, it was the first multiplayer game by Bethesda Game Studios. It was also structured as a prequel to the earlier games released in the series. Initially, Fallout 76 seemed like a very fresh and exciting game to Fallout fans. However, the launch of the game turned out to be a disaster and then, things just went downhill.

Narrative Threads



The possibility of creating prequels, sequels and standalone titles out of a franchise depends on the narrative thread followed by the franchise. Since many narrative threads in Fallout 4 remained unsolved, there was a possibility of the developers taking the narrative forward in a multiplayer game.

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Fans, who have been an active part of the Fallout community, have long advocated the need to spawn a multiplayer game out of Fallout 4. In the last few years, online multiplayer games have become tremendously popular and it’s surprising that Bethesda didn’t do anything on those lines. A Fallout 4-based multiplayer game could have delved deep into what or where the different events in the game led to.



For a multiplayer title to work, it should have certain factions or organizations that players could relate to and feel the urge to join. Apart from making the gameplay more interesting, it also encourages players to form groups and play the game in a more dynamic manner. You can be a part of a large group and accomplish certain things faster. You could also compete against each other. Several contrasting factions had already been established in Fallout 4 and a multiplayer game would have been the right platform to explore them further.


Sometimes, gaming studios introduce half-baked features to assure players that they care for the game and their feedback. However, even the newest mechanics introduced by Bethesda in Fallout 4 have been quite thoughtful and proved to be very useful for players. Fallout 4 has several exciting features including one that gives players the opportunity to get a base customized. The base-building feature offers a nice blend of complexity and engagement. This is one feature that would have worked even better in a multiplayer setup.

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