GTA Online Railgun Makes Its Arrival In The Game As Part of the New Update

GTA Online

GTA Online players now have the opportunity of trying out a weapon that has been described as ‘powerful’ and ‘stylish’ by the experts!

On January 12, 2023, Rockstar Games launched the GTA Online Railgun in the game as a part of its weekly update.

The arrival of the Railgun coincided with the introduction of a new business entity in the game. Through this newly established business organization, players will have the opportunity to buy several unique weapons that, otherwise, are not available in the many shops in the game.

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Players had been waiting for the Railgun to be introduced in the game for a very long time. The arrival of the Gun Van has proved to be a good bonus for them. Both these items have been made a part of the drip feed designed for the Los Santos Drug Wars LLC. Players have the opportunity of purchasing the weapon by logging themselves into the game and searching for mobile stores located across the in-game map.

The Gun Van, for those who are unaware, is a mobile business that operates in the world of GTA Online. It is a business that is constantly on the move. While close to 30 spawn locations feature in the game, this particular vehicle can be found at the Palmer-Taylor Power Station which is very close to Senora Way. Players can locate it by having a look at the map and tracing a van’s icon that features the sign of a gun at the top.

Once you manage to locate the vehicle, you will find yourself being greeted by an old man. This particular individual will also provide you with weaponry that can be purchased. You must remember that the Gun Van largely offers you three different types of merchandise, including weapons, body armor and throwables, to choose from. Players in GTA Online can lay their hands on this Railgun by hitting the relevant button.

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The Gun Van can be best described as a slightly altered variant of the Speedo Custom. You can find it being in possession of the seller who sits closer to the arsenal. The new store offers a variety of other items including a baseball bat, heavy sniper, assault shotgun, heavy armor, RPG and grenade.

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