GTA Trilogy Might Be Available on Steam Soon

GTA Trilogy

Fans of Steam might have some reason to celebrate soon as the GTA Trilogy could be heading there!

In the last couple of months, one came across rumors suggesting that the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy could be soon available on Steam and Epic Games Store.

However, since there was no official announcement about it, most fans didn’t take it very seriously. A few important changes have been made to Steam recently and now, there is a higher chance of the GTA Trilogy being put up on the popular gaming storefront.

The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, as fans would know, encompasses the original versions of games like GTA Vice City, GTA III and GTA San Andreas. The Definitive Edition released amidst much hype and anticipation in November 2021 but ended up getting largely negative reviews.

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The primary reason behind the criticism was the fact that the game was inflicted with countess bugs and glitches. There were several performance issues with it as well. Rockstar Games took note of the feedback and worked towards rolling out some important updates to fix these issues.

For the longest time, GTA Trilogy could be purchased only via the Rockstar Games Launcher on PC. The SteamDB updates designed for the game, however, have paved the way for it to be available on the storefront.

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Insider Gaming recently observed that a new transaction registered by the service features all three games, which are a part of the Trilogy, being made available as a bundle in Steam. In this particular back-end change, the App IDs can be traced to the GTA games in the Trilogy.

While there are strong indications of the GTA Trilogy arriving on Steam, one looks forward to an official update on this. At the moment, it seems that one would have to wait for a while before it is available on Steam.

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