Fallout 4: Next-Gen Update Resolves The Issue of Softlock

fallout 4

Though a major issue has been resolved through this update for Fallout 4, players expect a lot more from the game!

The next-gen update designed for Fallout 4 has fixed a major glitch that was affecting the game for a while. Released in the year 2015, Fallout 4 continues to be one of the most successful games developed by Bethesda Game Studios. Apart from receiving tremendous critical acclaim, the game made a space for itself in the hearts of several gamers across the globe. The launch of the Fallout TV show also played an important role in augmenting the popularity of the game.

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Such has been the effect of the Fallout TV show that platforms which did not host the Fallout games earlier are now including them. The sharp increase in the popularity of Fallout 4 has resulted in Nexus Mods suffering from server-straining issues. Mods are known for making certain tweaks in the game that make them more interesting.  The introduction of new mods, therefore, has led to the game getting downloaded more fervently. Amidst all this, Besthesda launched a next-gen update for Fallout 4.

The new next-gen update by Fallout 4 resolves a softlock issue pertaining to the character Codsworth. The Creation Club is the official modding platform for the game. When players download items from it, a big gets activated and it ends up freezing Codsworth. That, in turn, would make it impossible for many players to access early main quest content. Once this bug is discovered, players do not have any other option apart from uninstalling it and letting go of all the Creation Club items they have downloaded.

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Though the new update has resolved an important issue, players are not entirely satisfied with it.  This new update is not compatible with F4SE, which happens to be one of the most loved fan modes to have been introduced for the PC version of the game. While some issues continue to plague the game, players still have the opportunity to access some of the mods. The newly introduced Creation Club content gives players enough scope for exploration.

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