Minecraft 1.20.80 Update Brings Wolf Variations and Wolf Armor In The Game

Minecraft wolf armor

The Minecraft Armored Paws update offers a plethora of fresh content for players to explore!

Minecraft Armored Paws update, which fans had been waiting for quite a while, has finally been launched. The update brings in a lot of elements that should appeal to a lot of pet lovers out there. The Minecraft 1.20.80 update is offering players the chance to try out strong wold armor. The update has also brought eight new wolf variants to the fore.

These features have arrived as a result of Armadillo emerging victorious in the Mob Vote 2023. Once this happened, developers felt it was the right time to upgrade wolves in the game. Now, players will get the opportunity to explore several wolf variants, wolf armor and Armadillo. They will also notice some prominent changes being made to the Minecraft 1.20.80 update for Bedrock Edition.

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If one goes through the patch notes, one gets a very clear idea about all that this new update has brought to the table. As a passive mob, Armadillo does several things including dropping Armadillo Scutes at regular intervals. Whenever Armadillo detects the presence of a potential threat, it rolls up. It will, however, not roll up when it is in the water or on a leash.

Armadillo Scutes can be used very effectively to put together Wolf Armor. One can take the help of dispensers to get rid of Armadillo Scutes. The Wolf Armor has been designed to safeguard the wolf from different types of damage sources. After a point, the armor is bereft of all breaks and durability.

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Players will have the chance to fix the Wolf Armor with the help of Armadillo Scutes. Tamed Wolves now come equipped with 40 health points. Earlier, they had 20 health points. The Wolves now feature adjusted spawning conditions. Players can spend a lot of time exploring the new Minecraft Wolf variants that have been introduced.

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