Far Cry 6 Launches New Hotfix For Xbox Variants

Far cry 6

With popular games being updated and new features being added to them all the time, it is quite natural for some bug or technical issue to crop up once in a while.

Far Cry 6, the latest game in the Far Cry franchise, has also been affected by such problems in the near past. The latest update for the game involved the developer launching a hotfix for the game’s Xbox version.

As a company, Ubisoft has encountered innumerable game glitches. Ever since Far Cry 6 was launched in October 2021, the gaming publisher has worked diligently towards getting rid of the bugs in the game. In the last couple of months, the company has released new content at regular intervals. This has helped tremendously in getting new players to try out the game. The title update, which was rolled out in February, comprised a large number of updates. One of the most talked-about updates was the very exciting Rambo mission.

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One of the newest content updates of the game is ‘The Vanishing’ mission, which happens to be a crossover of Far Cry 6 and the Netflix series Stranger Things. This update was released on March 24 and since then, players have stumbled upon a bunch of glitches in it. Some of these glitches have caused trouble for the players by not allowing them to finish the mission.

A major glitch crops up in the form of a message prompt that says players are required to sign up for Xbox Gold or Xbox Game Pass as and when the crossover mission is played on Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One. As per Ubisoft, the hotfix, released on April 7, resolves this problem.

Along with the Stranger Things and Rambo missions, Far Cry 6’s developer has launched a bunch of other new content updates in the form of weekly insurgencies, special operations, cosmetic updates and several other missions featuring the likes of Danny Trejo. The Far Cry Season Pass has also rolled out DLC content for Joseph Seed, Vaas Montenegro and Pagan Min.

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