GTA 6: Leaker Claims Painting In GTA San Andreas Is From The Upcoming Game

GTA 6 concept maps

A Rockstar Games insider has confidently asserted that a new painting discovered in GTA San Andreas’ Definitive Edition happens to be an image from Grand Theft Auto 6.

While this claim made by the insider has surprised many, a number of fans have termed it as a very obvious observation.

GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition didn’t have a very smooth launch. Many bugs and other technical issues were found to be a part of the game upon its launch. However, there were some positive features that ensured players didn’t lose interest in the game. One such upbeat element in the game has been the framed picture that features in San Andreas’ Lil’ Probe’Inn. This particular picture, which features a house, bears a striking resemblance to another image that one comes across in Florida.

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The intricate detailing in the picture and the fact that it has not been seen in the earlier games made a lot of fans jump to the conclusion that it could be one of the first glimpses of Grand Theft Auto 6. The reason why many fans concluded is also because of the fact that Rockstar Games often drops hints about its future games in its new releases.

As per online reports, Matheusvictorbr, one of the most prominent Rockstar insiders, has stated that the house in the picture is GTA 6’s first look. As per the insider, this particular information has been confirmed by his sources. Matheusvictorbr also confirmed that this particular image is based on a house in Florida. He further stated that there is a good possibility of the in-game location being inspired by an American suburb, closer to Hollywood, Florida.

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Though one is not sure about the authenticity of the claims made by Matheusvictorbr, he has definitely helped a lot of anxious fans, who had spent hours tracing the origin of this image, calm down.

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