Final Call! GTA 5 Premium Free Giveaway on Epic Store Ends Now


Rockstar has comfortably managed to crash the Epic Games Store with a game that was originally released way back in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

While it sounds like an eternity, GTA 5 Premium free giveaway ends right on 21st May and if you haven’t got your copy on your PC’s Epic store, you are probably going to miss it out big time.

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In the past, when Rockstar launched their own digital game distribution platform, they gave out GTA V for free. Most players were not aware of it because of the publicity level for that giveaway; the ones who were often lurking on Reddit and other social media pages managed to get a copy though. The same was not the case with Epic store because every news article covered it as big news and it eventually led to a crash, as their servers were unable to handle such massive loads of traffic within a short period.

Premium Edition Matters

The best part about GTA 5 premium edition free giveaway is that it is bundled with $1 million in-game currency. If you are completely new to the world of GTA Online, you probably wouldn’t understand the value of having so much cash in hand. Players can purchase homes, cars, helicopters and enjoy wasting their money in the casino if they like to. But earning money inside the virtual world is as hard as it would be in the real world and you should consider saving some when you retire like Michael.

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Epic Games Store is quite aggressive in its marketing and they have been giving dozens of free games every year. It has brought in lots of PC gamers from Steam just for the freebies, while some do purchase titles that are exceptionally discounted, unlike any other digital distribution platform.

The GTA V: Premium free giveaway is not going to be the only AAA title, but a new mystery box will open up on May 21st, once the current offer ends. The new game is rumored to be Civilization 6 but we could be wrong.

Free games are always fun because an entire group of friends could grab GTA V for free, go for GTA Online heist missions and own it forever on the Epic store. This is easily one of the best times to be a PC gamer because you get so many freebies online on all major titles while owning a PS4 and Xbox One is still slightly more expensive!

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