GTA 6 – Will the Launch of Mafia by 2K Games Defer the Release of GTA 6?

GTA 6 Mafia

Just when fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise felt the release date of the next version GTA 6 may not be very far away, a new tweet from the Mafia Game Twitter account has posted an update.

This has upset the calculations of the GTA 6 game since they feel Take Two Interactive, the common owner of both Rockstar Games and 2K Games will risk releasing two major games at once. 2K Games is the developer of Mafia. Incidentally, the tweet itself was a quite brief saying “Family” and nothing else. The fact remains there was hardly any activity on this Twitter handle for a long time.

Speculation on What’s Cooking at 2K Games

The immediate concern for those keen to play GTA 6 as soon as they can is that there is no clarity if 2K Games and Take Two Interactive plan to launch an all-new Mafia game or just a rehashed version of the last one. The tweet gives away very little. Mafia 3 came out in 2016.

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The speculation, therefore, is if Mafia will pip GTA to the new generation consoles, the PS 5 and Xbox Series X. That might come as a huge disappointment to the GTA 6 fans. They had hoped that come 2021 and they would be enjoying playing the game in all its glory. If Mafia gets released, there is very little chance that GTA 6 will also find its way into the market. It will at least be another year before Take Two Interactive may decide to launch GTA 6. It has been repeated several times that the cash registers at Rockstar from GTA Online and GTA 5 are have not stopped ringing. The studio may not be in a tearing hurry to launch the successor.

Fans in the UK Would Love to Have GTA 6 with London as the Location

While all this is going on, there are reports from the United Kingdom that the GTA fans there would love to see the setting of the GTA 6 game to be in London. The strong rumor so far has been that the game would be set in the backdrop of Vice City with Rio de Janeiro also featuring in the game. Some months ago, a UK fan had posted a concept video visualizing GTA 6 being set in London and it received tremendous response from the other UK fans.

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It is believed that part of the development work on the game, as in the past, is carried on in Rockstar North, the studio located in the UK. London has already featured once in the Grand Theft Auto series like Vice City.

All such rumors and predictions will keep doing the rounds till you have an official confirmation on any of them by Rockstar or other authentic sources.

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