Final Fantasy 16: Upcoming Event Might Offer Update On Demo Release Date

Final Fantasy 16

A soon-to-be-organized Final Fantasy 16 event could shed some light on the release date of the demo.

Final Fantasy 16 has been one of the most anticipated games of this year. While fans are keenly looking forward to the launch of the game that is scheduled to take place in the next two months. There is a chance of a demo release happening in the interim. Before the game gets a full-fledged release, there is a possibility of the publisher organizing a special event.

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The buzz for FinalFantasy 16 grew manifold after the State of Play broadcast that was organized on April 13. The preorders for the game got bolstered immediately and suddenly a larger number of players showed interest in the game. The game started trending on social media and the buzz in the digital space continued to grow with time. Gamers were in awe of several elements pertaining to the game including its graphics, audio quality and fast-paced combat.

Square Enix, through its social media platforms, made an announcement about a FF 16 event being organized on June 11 at 3:00 PM Pacific (Los Angeles). The launch date of the game, as players would know, is June 22. Yoshi-P, the producer of Final Fantasy 16, had earlier stated that there are plans to release a demo version of the game closer to the release of the game.

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While conducting the State of Play broadcast, the producer also offered a glimpse of the game. Players are excited about many elements pertaining to the game including the EikonvsEikon battles. From what one has seen so far, Final Fantasy 16 will not just be another game in the franchise. It is expected to bring several elements to it which one has not witnessed before.

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