PlayStation Plus Witnesses A Decline In Its Subscription Base – Sony’s Financial Report Confirms

Playstation plus

PlayStation Plus is older than many of the subscription services like Game Pass.

However, many new players have given its stiff competition and seem to have marched ahead of it. PlayStation Plus, powered by Sony, is a paid subscription service that provides customers a large number of free-to-play games to choose from every month. It also offers subscribers early access to several PlayStation titles and lucrative discounts on many of the games and services available at the PlayStation store.

As per a recently emerged report, Sony has been finding it difficult to grow the subscription base of PS Plus. On the contrary, the number of subscribers has gone down in the last couple of months. Though the senior executives at Sony are aware of this development, they seem to be unperturbed by it.

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According to a new financial report from Sony, close to 600, 000 subscribers left PS Plus between December 2021 and March 2022. Though PS Plus still boasts of 47.4 million subscribers, so many users opting out of the subscription service is not a good thing. On the brighter side, this is just the second time PS Plus registered a drop in its subscription service in the last eight years. What’s worrying is the fact the number of active users, too, seems to have dwindled. Since March 2020, Sony has lost out on 5.9 million active users.

It would be an exaggeration to state that PlayStation Plus is suffering from a major crisis. However, these numbers cannot be ignored. HikoriTotoki, CFO at PlayStation, recently addressed these concerns while talking to a journalist from Toisthe, a prominent news website.

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Totoki admitted that the popularity of PS Plus has gone down a little bit since 2020 but the subscription service has witnessed a very high level of engagement from users who continue to subscribe to the service. He confidently asserted that PS Plus will see good growth in its subscription service in the near future. According to him, gamers leaving the service was nothing more than a “transient issue”.

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