Final Fantasy 7 NFTs Are On Their Way, Confirms Square Enix

Final Fantasy

The tech industry is keenly exploring how blockchain technology and NFTs are influencing different industries and are trying to figure out the ways in which these can be molded or shaped in the near future.

While some video game enthusiasts have openly expressed their displeasure about NFTs getting introduced or associated with popular gaming franchises, the way things are moving right now, one is pretty certain that this trend will not die down anytime soon.

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Non-Fungible Tokens, referred to as NFTs by most people, can be best described as digital collectibles that are associated with a particular entity. While there has been a lot of debate around the prevalence and importance of NFTs, many prominent gaming publishers like Square Enix are working actively towards incorporating NFTs in their gaming properties.

A while back, Square Enix had stated that it was exploring blockchain technology, but had refrained from sharing further information on how it plans to move forward in this direction. To counter the anxiety of the fans, it has finally confirmed that it is working towards developing NFTs for Final Fantasy 7. It has collaborated with Efinity Network to launch a Cloud action figure and a Final Fantasy 7 NFT that will be pitched as a collectible item to fans.

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Along with NFTs, Square Enix plans to launch physical collectibles as well. A Cloud action figure, titled Digital Plus’, has been put up for sale at $160. If you choose to buy only the physical action figure, you will have to pay $130. The trading card packs for Final Fantasy 7 will feature six cards, each of which would be priced at $4. Users will also be provided with a redeemable code for one of the card’s NFT versions.

While there would be many fans who wouldn’t want to spend an additional amount of $30 to acquire the Cloud’s digital figure, they should be happy about the fact that they can have the physical copy without having to buy the digital version. Looking at the kind of plans Square Enix has, it seems the gaming publisher wants to do a lot of innovative things in the NFT space.

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