Fortnite Leak Hints At Major Marvel Crossover

New Fortnite leaks

A Fortnite leak has offered details on what is, possibly, going to be the first collaboration of Chapter 4 Season 3.

A Fortnite leak, which came to the fore recently, suggests that the first possible collaboration of Chapter Season 3 will be with none other than Spider-Man. Fortnite offers an elaborate list of crossovers with several names belonging to the pop culture space. Many of these names are not from the gaming world. While other partnerships are important too, Epic Games has forged a rather special bond with Disney through Fortnite.

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Fortnite’s most recent crossover with Star Wars serves as a good example of it. This particular crossover surpassed everybody’s expectations and became much bigger than anybody had expected it to. Referred to as the biggest Star Wars experience in Fortnite by many, the Find the Force event features mini battle pass that offers rewards to the players when they unlock them. This event, among other things, gives Fortnite players the opportunity to win the Coruscant Guard outfit. Players can also procure special themed looks from the in-game store.

Insider HYPEX, through a new Fortnite leak, claims that Spider-Man will turn out to be the first-ever collaboration in Chapter 4 Season 3. The insider further stated that the collaboration will, most probably, be with Miles Morales, which happens to be one of the robust versions of Spider-Man. They also mentioned that the crossover, which Epic Games is working on at the moment, features two pickaxes, a mythic weapon, an emote, two backblings, two skins with the codename ‘Hero & Menace Universal’.

While the leak didn’t make an elaborate mention of the characters involved in the crossover, players believe it will have something related to Across the Spider-Verse because of the time at which this information has come to the fore. June 2 is when the upcoming Spider-Man film will be released in theatres and the Fortnite Season 2 will be concluded on June 9. Interestingly, earlier there were plans to conclude Fortnite Season 2 on June 2. The release of the film was, perhaps, the primary reason behind the change in the date.

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