Xbox UI Revamp Will Finally Allow Game Posters and Easier Navigation

Xbox UI revamp

At the moment, the Xbox UI revamp is limited to alpha testers and will take a couple of months before it is officially rolled out.

Right from the beginning, Sony’s PlayStation 5 had a massive space for game posters and a more immersive experience while Xbox felt cluttered as a whole.

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Similar to many other updates from the past, Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead rings of Xbox are now able to try out this new user interface. The concept is available as an image for now, but when we actually get to see it in person, it will be much better to be able to witness your favorite game highlighted in the background. With an entirely worked-out system, it is easier to navigate and find your games in the library.

Revamped UI for Easier Access

The primary purpose of Xbox UI revamp is to make things easier especially the Store, games library and all newly added games in the Gamepass library. In terms of design changes, the game poster has now found a prominent place in the middle. As you continue to move from one game to another, hovering will trigger an action providing a relevant screenshot of the game. In other words, it will be a much more engaging experience for the entire gaming community.

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When you are able to view the game you are currently playing or planning to launch, the larger space for its image or poster entices you to open it. A similar approach is already being used in Sony’s PlayStation 5 user interface. There is a new button on the second row which makes it easier to open my games and apps.

Further, on relevant tiles, the Xbox UI revamp will display notifications including updates, game update notifications, or sale pricing making it easier to track what is happening in the Xbox community. The full version of the UI may roll out in the following months to more users.

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