Fortnite Leakers Share An Important Update About The Last of Us Collaboration


Fortnite fans, who stay hooked to the game because of the wonderful skins and characters it offers, might have an interesting collaboration to look forward to soon!

Launched in the year 2017, Fortnite has been a popular game over the years because of a variety of reasons. One of the biggest USPs of the game has been its collaborations. Epic Games has made a conscious effort to introduce new skins and characters to the game at regular intervals.

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Donald Mustard, who serves as the chief creative officer at Creative Games, recently attended an event where he was asked a question about the chances of a crossover happening between Fortnite and The Last of Us. Instead of ducking the question, Mustard offered an answer to it. He said that a collaboration of this nature “could possibly happen in the future.”

While there is no surety about such a collaboration happening, Mustard’s words have definitely offered some hope to fans. If this collaboration indeed happens, there is a strong chance of Joel and Ellie making an appearance in the game. The collaboration should also result in a lot of interesting content pertaining to The Last of Us appearing in the game.

If Joel and Ellie actually make an appearance in Fortnite, it would definitely excite a lot of players. However, it will not be the first instance of a bunch of characters, which are owned by PlayStation, getting their own skins. In the past, few other characters like God of War’s Kratos and Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy have received this distinction.

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The possibility of a new Fornite collaboration is exciting news for fans. However, they must also remember that even a minor collaboration could take a long time to fructify. Now that Mustard has spoken a bit about it, all one can do is wait for an official announcement to come through.

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