Future Super Mario Bros. Games Could Feature Designs of Upcoming Movie Characters

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While there is a lot of excitement around the Super Mario Bros. Movie, fans are not entirely sure of what they can expect from this character in the future.

While many fans are hopeful about a new game scheduled to come out soon, there has been no clarity on it. A recently emerged rumor, however, has given fans something to discuss.

According to this rumor, the games and products linked to this popular character will have a movie connection in the future. This particular leak has been shared by Zippo who enjoys a very good reputation as an insider and leaker. Most of the leaks shared by Zippo in the past have been about Mario. This rumor about Mario movie design adoption is something that has got fans tremendously excited.

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There is also a rumor about a Nintendo Direct being organized in the near future, but there is no confirmation about it. A major reason behind this rumor is the fact that we will be stepping into a new year soon. Nintendo is known to start off New Year with a Direct presentation.

Zippo is quite confident about the fact that a bunch of Mario products, including video games and toys, will adopt popular design elements from the Mario movies and these will be incorporated into the games. To prove his point, Zippo shared an image of a Mario toy that featured shoelaces one had witnessed in a Mario movie. If his claim turns out to be true, the character, as seen in the games, will undergo massive changes.

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There is another interesting rumor pertaining to Mario. There is a possibility of a 2D Mario game being developed. According to Zippo, the game is being developed for the last three years and will be released sometime in the near future.

When is the Super Mario Bros. Movie Release Date?

The release date of the movie has been set as Apr 7, 2023.

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