GTA Online: Last Dose Mission ‘Cargo Plane’ Might Have Been Leaked

Grand Theft Auto Online

It’s been a week since Grand Theft Auto Online’s Los Santos Drug Wars update was launched.

Rockstar Games has already made it clear that it is a part of a multi-part update and the next few updates shall be rolled out soon. With this particular update, players were treated to a six-part narrative-driven mission called the First Dose series. While fans were waiting for the next update to come through, they were quite surprised with the emergence of a leak.

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A Twitter user, who goes by the handle @billsyliamgta, recently shared leaked footage on the micro-blogging site. Since the user regularly shares important updates about titles owned by Rockstar Games, fans were bound to notice this post shared by him. When you look at this post, it comes across as a scene from the next part of story missions. The clip, which is 20 seconds long and has a cinematic feel to it, features a Buckingham Vestra crashing into a Cargo plane.

In the aforementioned clip, one can see a huge cargo plane flying above a sandy shore. Soon after that, we witness a Buckingham Vestra crash landing. You can see a bunch of characters moving out of the Vestra. When you observe the characters carefully, you realize the CGI is unfinished. Because of that, it is a little difficult to determine who they really are. The only recognizable character in the clip is Luchadora from the First Dose series. The clip concludes with Vestra coming out of the cargo via the door which has been left open.

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This clip would have made many GTA 5 players remember a clip titled ‘Minor Turbulence’ from GTA 5 story missions owing to the similarities between the two. In this particular clip, Trevor crashes into a Cargo plane while flying the Duster.

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